Hello, World!

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Hello, world! This is my documentation of my new redesigned website and blog. For years, this website has been running with Wordpress. Now, nicoletirado.com is running using Next.jsTailwindUI and TailwindCSS.

console.log('Hello, World!');

Learning new things

Making these changes has given me the opportunity to explore other skill sets outside of my everyday job and keep learning other things. Sometimes, with the hectiness of work and the day to day, I forget to set some time to study about new technologies. By publishing this new version of my website I am holding myself accountable to be consistent in learning more things.

In my day to day, I mostly deal with PHP, mySQL and jQuery. Learning Next.js has been a pleasant change of scenery and it has been a pretty smooth ride.

My hope for this site

  1. Make use of the blog section of this website and post consistently. Learning new technologies, pet projects, and more.

  2. Have fun with programming again.

  3. Work on pet projects that I can publish on this site.

Wish me luck!