Tools and resources I use, love and recommend.

The following list includes the tools I use and recommend from different categories.


  • Custom built Windows PC

    This PC is wonderful and capable. Consists of 64GB RAM and 6TB of storage.

  • 15” MacBook Pro, 16GB RAM (2018)

    Perfect when I’m on the go or at the office.


  • Visual Studio Code

    I’ve tried many editors throughout the years, but Visual Studio Code is a keeper.

  • Extensions

    Theme: Monokai Pro
    Auto Rename Tag
    Error Lens
    Live Preview
    VS Code Pets


  • Adobe Photoshop 2022

    Useful for various tasks. Anything from quick resizing to asset exports.

  • Adobe Illustrator 2022

    Mostly used for asset exports or SVG conversions.

  • Canva

    Very handy tool for a little bit of everything. The background remover is amazing.


  • Toggl

    Tool for tracking time for various projects.